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The Proven Methods to Better Grades program has twelve segments (Easy Lessons) with each lesson having Methods that will help you learn and implement the “Best Practices” for earning good grades and retaining what you have learned. The twelve lessons in this program will: Make your academic life easier and the time spent on academics more productive.

The lessons will help you develop confidence in your ability to earn good grades.
Help you study smart and earn good grades, with less effort, and less pressure
Help you with your organization so that you can get your academic work done and have stress free time for fun
Provide you with Proven Methods for building memory so that days after you study you will be able to recall what you need to earn high grades on exams

The twelve lessons are a formula for success. It is important that you consider each lesson as an ingredient to this success formula. Earning a college degree with the best tools available –Methods and Strategies- will make your life much easier.

To get the full benefit of each lesson in the program, you are encouraged to start lessons by viewing the Introduction Video which has important Bonus Content and then view the Methods Video for the lesson. The written content provided can serve as a quick preview or review of the lesson.

The Methods you learn in this course will maximize your readiness for college-level academics. The earlier these skills are learned and applied the more comfortable and confident you will be as a student. The proven methods for effective learning can help you whether you are a high school student, new college student, upper-class college student or if you are returning to college as a graduate student. The academic success skills taught are vital to success at all academic levels.

If you are a High School Student taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses and other college preparation level courses, you will benefit greatly from learning to apply the Methods presented in the program. The Lessons will give you a clear understanding of the structure and demands of college life while you still have the time to experiment and practice with your study skills in high school.

College Readiness / Academic Success

Many students find that what worked for them in high school does not work in college. It is a sad fact that many students who attempt to earn a college degree do not reach their goal. A large number of students who do earn a degree are at a severe disadvantage in getting a job after graduation because their cumulative grade point average does not show excellence. A major benefit of this program is that using the Methods will enable you to retain more of the knowledge you learn in college and apply it to your personal life and career. Earning better grades and graduating with a high-grade point average (GPA) will open many doors of opportunity for you.

A huge challenge for you as a college student will be to find enough time to do all that you should do and would like to do. Good time management skills can help you achieve a balance between work, play, and academic success. The lessons on Task Management and Time Management will help you develop strategies for adequate preparation that takes into account your unique life situation.

The lessons on Self-motivation and methods for overcoming the challenges of procrastination and periods of low academic motivation are an integral part of this program. Memory skills are considered so essential to your success that two lessons are devoted to this topic. Approaching your academics using the memory skill methods presented will give you confidence in your ability to learn and earn excellent grades.

The program reviews standard approaches for Concentration and introduces a new highly effective strategy for maximizing your ability to focus. The Lessons on Classroom Skills and Note Taking will make the process of learning easier and will further convince you that, with the right methods, it is possible to learn more in less time. The Lesson on Reading Speed and Retention will give you confidence in your ability to comfortably complete reading required for success. The Lesson on Papers and Projects recommends a step-by-step approach that helps you select a topic, get started and finish in a manner that helps you earn the highest grade possible. The last two lessons on Controlling Test Anxiety and Test-Taking Skills will help you maximize the grade you earn on every exam.