Proven Methods To Better Grades

About the Author

Dr. Gadaleto at son's MBA graduation

Dr. Angelo Gadaleto

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Angelo F. Gadaleto, Professor Emeritus, served 26 years in the College of Education at West Chester University, Pennsylvania. He received his Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Virginia. Earlier in his career, Dr. Gadaleto served as a Psychologist and Director of the Counseling and Learning Skills Centers at Radford University in Virginia. His professional career credentials included being a Professor, Licensed Psychologist; and National Board Certified Counselor.

He has presented his seminars under the titles Academic Success Skills and Proven Methods to Better Grades* to thousands of students at High Schools, Colleges, and Universities. For many years he has provided new student academic orientation workshops for Colleges and Universities focusing on the differences between high school and college academics.

Proven Methods to Better Grades ®