Proven Methods To Better Grades
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  • Self-Motivation
  • Organization
  • Memory Skills Part I
  • Concentration
  • Time Management
  • Reading for Speed and Retention
  • Classroom Skills
  • Note-Taking
  • Memory Skills Part II
  • Papers and Projects
  • Controlling Test Anxiety
  • Test Taking Skills
Proven Methods to Better Grades was key to my academic success. The study skills I learned took me from B's to A's!

Chyanna Phillips
Worcester University Student
There is no better study skills course online. The methods are easy follow and helped me immediately!

Adam Zajac
Temple Student


Motivation is a process of building and maintaining desire. Good grades provide opportunity, the better your grades, the better your opportunities will be in the future. Learn Methods for overcoming the challenges of procrastination and periods of low academic motivation.


Effective organization of your academic tasks will make you more comfortable and happy by lowering the stress in your academic life and giving you a much higher level of confidence as a student


The “Study Smart” Methods will enable you to reach your true potential for learning and earning excellent grades. Learn Methods for maximizing your Memory Powers.